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Why we're better

Hard work.

Until now

Until now there have been two main ways to advertise your vacation accommodation online - either you pay hundreds of dollars for a yearly subscription to a site without any guarantee of results, or you waste hours building tons of advertisements on free websites that you'll probably never hear from again.

New way to advertise

Now Rentability has a new way to advertise your holiday accommodation. We're striving to provide a pricing system that's fair on advertisers, with a revolutionary level of service for the industry and an ongoing commitment to creating the best tools, design and technology.

Free to sign up, free to advertise –
you only pay for results!

The idea behind Rentability is simple; you should only pay for actual enquiries you receive from real customers. Unlike most holiday-rental websites we don't charge an upfront fee without any guarantee of results and unlike most “free” sites we aren't just a waste of time – we actively promote your property.

We never sleep

Already our website and tools lead the industry, and we're continually improving our service by adding new features and making the existing ones better and easier to use. We're always listening to feedback from our customers about ways that we can make Rentability work better for them.

Find out more

If you'd like to read more about us click on the arrows at the side of this page (or on the section headings above).

But the only way you're really going to know how good we are is to join us and find out for yourself. It's free, it only takes a couple of minutes, and we don't ask for credit card details.

Plus, if you sign up during our introductory period we'll give you 5 free enquiries when you publish your first property listing!

How it works

Very well indeed

Pay only £1.50 (about $3) for each enquiry you receive.

And if you ever have more than 50 enquiries a year the rest are free. If you get more than one enquiry from the same person (even for different properties) we'll only charge you once.

Get free credits when you publish your first advertisement.

During our introductory period we're giving away 50000 free enquiries! The sooner you join us the more free credits you'll get. We don't ask for any payment details when you sign up, so there's nothing to pay until your free credits are used up.

We do the boring work for you.

If you already have an advertisement on another website then just send us the address of the web page and we'll set up the basics of your advertisement for you.
That's right – you don't need to do anything except send us the address of an existing ad.

Unlimited everything.

We've eliminated the silly rules and hidden costs of the other websites. You can have as many photos as you want, as much text as you want, and there's no limit on the number of properties you can advertise. You can even use videos in your property listings free of charge.

Don't pay for fakes.

Are you worrying that you'll be charged for false or fraudulent enquiries? Don't. There's a little button on every enquiry you receive from us that says “claim a refund” – click it and we'll automatically refund your credit. Yes, you could probably use it to avoid paying, but we trust you.

Don't pay for duplicates

If you get more than one enquiry from the same person (even if they're for different properties, or at different times) we'll only charge you once.

Tools are free

We want you to be able to use our booking tools for your own website, so we give you a range of options which allow you to use our booking tools for free.

Powerful tools.

Free for everyone.

Freeloaders welcome

You can use our powerful booking management, calendar and fraud protection tools even if you don't advertise with Rentability. They're completely free, so why not try them?

A birds eye view

Your property owners account features a handy “Dashboard” and to-do list that give an overview of your business at a glance.
You can use our sophisticated enquiry and booking management tools to track which enquiries you've replied to, who's arriving when, and which tenants have forgotten to pay their deposit. We can even send your emails or SMS messages to warn you of late deposits or changeover days.
You don't have to use these tools if you don't want to, but if you do then you can even use them for bookings that you get from other websites.

Scam protection

We give you essential information about every enquiry you recieve, such as the location of the sender, whether they've made an excessive number of enquiries recently and whether anyone else has reported them as fraudulent.

Your own web address

We'll give you a special web address for your Rentability property listing pages, enquiries are completely free when a visitor comes to Rentability using this special address. That means you can give this address to clients and friends or link to it from other websites and be confident that you won't be charged for any correspondence.

Rentability chez vous

You can easily embed your Rentability availability and tariff calendars on to your own web pages, free of charge. The calendar seamlessly becomes part of your own website and will instantly update whenever you edit your bookings on Rentability. You can embed the Rentability enquiry form on your website too; enquiries received in this way are free of charge, but you still benefit from our scam protection and booking management systems.

Services for agents and managers

Get a special branded page listing all your properties, your logo on property listings and other special services. We may even be able to automatically synchronise our availability and booking information with your website or management system.Talk to us.

Compare us with the competition

Go ahead, check them out. See you later.

Websites Yearly fee Media Features
Min Max Photos Video Fraud
tools £149 £149 16 not available no no no £99 £99 10 not available no no no €230 €230 4 included
£5 each
not available no no no $300 $300 12 not available no no no Free! £75 ($150) unlimited
and Free!
and Free!
yes yes yes 10% commission
on every booking
unlimited not available no yes yes $179 $179 3 included
$24/year each
not available no yes

Frequently asked questions

  • You don't seem to have many properties yet - why ?

    Rentability has only just been launched, though we've been testing the website for nearly a year.
  • Where's the catch ?

    There really isn't one. Quite simply, the other websites charge an embarrassing amount of money in return for doing very little. They are based on a pre-internet business model, with prices inherited from magazine and press advertising. We believe that with better technology and more intelligent marketing it's possible to offer a much better deal.
  • How can I use your booking system,calenders and anti-fraud system for free ?

    Just sign up for an account, and fill out the details of your property so that we know your availability and tariffs. We'll give you a special email address you can use for taking enquiries and some HTML code to insert into your website which will embed your availability calendar or enquiry form. Then you can just log into Rentability to manage your bookings and enquiries just like one of our advertisers.
  • Why don't you charge for the use of your management system ?

    Because we think that when you've used it for a while you'll realise how good we are and you'll decide to advertise with us too.
  • Do we have to use your calendars and enquiry form to use your booking system?
    Do we have to use your booking system to advertise on Rentability?

    Nope - you can use whatever bits you want to and leave the rest.
  • I have an existing booking management system, can you integrate your system with mine?

    Probably. Send us an email and we'll talk about it.
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